Sunday, February 28, 2010

fair warning

One day I will be gone.

By then it will be too late.

You might never see me again. That's not a threat, more like a warning.

We don't operate our lives on the same rules. This is neither good nor bad - simply an observation.

What you want from life is not the same as what I want. The rules you play by and the rules I play by are different.

What keeps me up at the end of the night is much different than what you think about. What I want, need and desire is different, too.

You can only carry around the expectations of others so long. At some point we must all strike a path completely ours - undiluted by outside forces.

The decisions I make in my life will undoubtedly confuse you. That's ok. They're supposed to. I make them for me. I hope, too, that your decisions confuse other people, for your sake.

We are not meant to live according to what we think everyone expects from us. We are not meant to be the sum of all that surrounds us. We deserve better from ourselves.

I can only play by your rules so much longer before I abandon them for my own. Soon my time here will be done. And the days I've got left need to be lived on my terms, not yours.

And when it does happen, just remember that I gave you fair warning.