Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today will be a good day

Just a little poem I've been working on. It's incomplete, but I figured I'd post it anyway.

I wake up in the morning
Before even the sun knows it's a new day
And I walk outside
Sipping my tea from a dirty cup
I watch the sun rise over treetops
I listen to what the birds have to say
I see the new dew drying on the grass
And I know that today will be a good day

I walk outside and feel the rain
Pounding on my uncovered face
My sandals are soaked
My spirit is flooded
From the gushing springs of life
I watch the fuzzy squirrels run and play
They climb up a tree, unaware of me
And I know that today will be a good day

I find my favorite spot
Right on the bank of the Jordan
Near the tree where we used to sit
As everyone else passes over
I watch the water run by
Slowly, with no where to go
The sun hits the water, sparkling
And I know that today will be a good day

It's late and even the stars seem tired
I'm bundled with my clothes and last cigarette
For the first time all day the world is quiet
Silence and darkness as far as I can see
I think back to all the little things
I saw throughout my day
The sunrise, the squirrels, the river
And I know that today was a good day

1 comment:

  1. I like this, Ben! It kind of seems like lyrics to a song... hint hint. make it into a song!